Bangalore City in 5 minutes

Bangalore is the city of youth. Once known as a pensioner’s paradise, today the city’s median age is roughly close to that of our young country. Life in the garden city of India is also fast paced. A lot of dreams are made here and so are a lot broken. The city is full of landmarks like the Ashoka pillar in Banshankari, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Tippu’s palace, Ulsoor Lake etc. Side by side with this, there is a new life that is breathed into Bengaluru, that is when the global community speaks into bengaluru’s ears. The metro, malls, multinationals are the 3 M’s that rule the roost today.

To sum up Bengaluru in a single post will be difficult. This is where this video by little Bangalore comes in handy. Edited in a miniature mode, the video has been superbly executed by the team. You get to see life pass by in front of your eyes at the majestic, the derby at the race course, the traffic everyday life. Curiously, the director has given it a sub altern angle as you see the life in this beautiful city as it is instead of a five minute footage of monuments stitched together. Watch and let us know what you think!

Kolkata: The Unfinished Conversations

Kolkata has a certain charm with it. The slowly moving trams, the jam packed roads, the large expanse of the Hooghly, pan wallahs, colonial buildings, Durga Puja..the list is endless. You have to experience it to know how different it is from the other Indian metros.

It is difficult to capture everyday life in this once majestic capital city in an article. There are simply too many things that cannot be captured in words. Like Rabindra Sangeet, like sweet sounding Bengali songs, like the tasty rasa golla. Kolkata is past and the present living together without confronting each other. The yellow ambassadors co-exist with the porsche in this city.

A city of million colors and shades, Kolkata is also a city teeming with life. If Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, Kolkata is one that is early to wake. If Mumbai has marine drive, Kolkata has Hooghly.

Rajarshi Roychowdhury,  captures the varied shades of Kolkata in a brilliantly compiled video.