I am Vishnu Prasad H. I am an Indian Revenue Service Officer (Income-tax) of 2017 Batch.

Prior to entering government service I used to work as a software engineer and I have worked for Yahoo! and Ittiam Systems, Bangalore.

I am a great admirer of the diversity of India and have at various points of my life lived in Kerala (Kozhikode, Cochin, Trivandrum), Karnataka (Bangalore), Maharashtra (Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Pune), Himachal Pradesh (Shimla), Delhi and Tamil Nadu (Chennai). This has brought me into contact with people of various culture and this diversity of the culture and deep history of India is one aspect I enjoy reading about and experiencing.

Music is another interest of mine. I am trained in Hindustani classical music with my medium of expression primarily being Bansuri, the North Indian flute.

Technology, Travel and languages are some of the other things I enjoy exploring. This website is primarily a collection of my thoughts on these topics. You can start by reading my articles.