I should be frank with you. Nightlife in Nagpur is woeful. The city goes to slumber by 11 PM. You will be hard pressed to find a hotel or shop that is open. As a nightowl who loves roaming around during the wee hours of the dark, this was something that I couldn’t at all digest about Nagpur. The only respite from this is Mominpura.

Mominpura during the Eid Night

Mominpura is a muslim neighbourhood. The whole street is full of shops selling Athar, Shurma clothing, Pan, Biriyani and meat items. I would not say that it is the most hygenic place out there, but if you find eating in Chandni Chowk or Girgaum Chowpatty okay, then Mominpura also will not fail you.

Even at 3 in the night, you can find biriyani or a kathi roll here. My favorite places here are Baba Tea and the small shops that sell chicken fry. The amount of oil that is present in each item can make you cringe. However, the food being tasty makes it a forgivable sin.

Baba Tea at 1

Don’t fret if you find them closed

The shop timings in Nagpur are police enforced and therefore after 11 you will see patrol vans doing round in and around Mominpura. For this exact reason, you may find the front curtains of these shops to be closed. However, dare to go behind the curtain and you will be able to find delicious food being cooked.

Safety checks: You can find the Police Patrol Van doing rounds

Jama Masjid

Mominpura also has a huge Jama Masjid. Try to visit during the day time if you are looking to go inside.

If you are visiting Nagpur and are into enjoying the local culture of the place, then I do recommend a night time stroll in Mominpura and the neighbourhood.

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