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Patel’s Prodigies: SVPNPA

Whatever the provocation, I would appeal to you to remain calm. It is the primary duty of the Police. He who loses his temper no longer remains a policeman.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Etched on the walls in Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy ( SVPNPA ) are these words. When I found that I would be having some spare time in Hyderabad, I decided that I should visit my friends in NPA to see how they are enjoying their training in Indian Police Service ( IPS)

Patel’s golden advice to Police

Established in 1948, SVPNPA is older than NADT. Among the civil services, it is one of the training academies that outrivals NADT as far as infrastructure is concerned. As soon as we reached the academy itself, the giant gate had Mahatmajis words etched on it ” Be the change you want to see in the world”. Once we made our id cards, we were allowed inside.

NPA mess and hostel

The NPA campus in more than 200 acres, and is very well maintained. It’s almost 4 times NADT, my campus. Given the requirements of Police training, this is justified too. My friends in NPA who had left from IRS kept bickering about the rigour and rigidness of their training. However, in the end, I could see that they would not have it any other way and felt proud of being an IPS officer. That meant that the academy was serving it’s purpose.

View from Rajasthan House

As I was walking around the campus with my friends, we visited the sports complex. Among the accomomplishments board, I could find two famous IPS officers who had made Kerala proud.

T P Senkumar is on the accomplishment board in Sports.

IRS v IPS is a regular debate that we envounter in civil service aspirant circle. After interacting with my friends, my conviction that as long as you are convinced of your choice and have pride in the job that you are doing, you would not err whichever the service.

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