Kohlapuri Chappals

The Land of Indigenous Chappals- Kolhapur

9 centuries ago, in Kolhapur – a small town in Maharashtra, King Bijjala asked his cobblers to design him a shoe. The craftsmen produced a masterpiece which could survive a 1000 years. A slipper that never brought its wearer any aches. A work of art that took from the name of the town:- the Kolhapuri chappal. And till today, the Kolhapuri chappal makers keep their craft alive.

A lineage that has passed on for 850 years. Mother, wife, husband and child:-an entire family comes together to make a single slipper. The chappals are not only the legacy of Kolhapur, but her pride and identity. A gift that takes her story from Maharashtra to all of India, and the world.

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