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Patna: A Photo Essay

Patna or ancient Pataliputra became Magadha’s capital after the Kings realised the importance of Ganges as a mode of transportation. Rajgir, the initial capital was closer to the mines that were located down south. However, with the rise of Pataliputra, it faded away. When modern Bihar was formed, Patna was a natural choice to be the capital. Theses pictures are from my one day roaming around in Patna.

Lest we forget: The Partition Museum

Anybody who has read Manto would have experienced vicariously the horrors of Partition. The scale of such an artificial displacement very often doesn’t get the treatment it ought to in our history books. Many of them start with the British rule, the resistance to it and lead up to the events that lead to Partition and the formation of the two new states, conveniently ignoring the horrors that it perpetrated. In the heritage City area of Amritsar, you will find a red brick colored building which is dedicated to the partition. The partition museum, tries to recapture and present before us the horrors that unfolded during those days where the large mass migration of people happened anywhere in the world. For a museum that tries to capture the horrors of a colonial rule ending in such an horrific manner, I found it distasteful that the building looked Western in it’s architecture. Though there are elements of Indian style, the huge pillars and the arched windows reminds you of classical Greek or Roman buildings. This is …

Minutemaid Tea and the Charminar

“Keep moving, Keep moving, You can’t go through this road” the policeman who blocked us kept blowing his whistle, waiving away vehicles and diverting people from the approach road. My friend Mithun told him we just wanted to see it for five-ten minutes only and then we’ll be on our way. He still didn’t agree. Then we showed him our id cards, explaining that we are Assistant comminssioners, on Bharath Darshan and hence might not find time to come later.if there is anything he could do for us, now would be the time. His tone and look had already changed and he allowed us entry. Any visit to Hyderabad without Charminar in the itinerary can’t be considered complete. If Gateway of India is the mascot for Mumbai, Howrah Bridge that of Kolkata, then Charminar it is for Hyderabad. Built at a prayer site, in the 16th century, the Char Minar was gratitude offering to the almighty for saving the City from an attack of plague. This was my second visit to Char Minar. The previous …